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Frequently asked question
AdvertSafe is a web software, also called cloaker, used around the world for different purpose such as advertising.
The software checks and filters your traffic blocking bots/crawlers and bad traffic.
Furthermore, you can filter your traffic using other different options (you can decide to block or redirect differently certain countries, IPs, devices, competitors and so on).
You will be able to use AdvertSafe almost everywhere. Our setup is supported by every hosting, plus we offer direct support with WordPress using our plugin.
We support almost every ads network in the world. Here some of them:

If the network you are using is missing don't hesitate to contact us.
We support every location in the world! You will be able to target one or multiple location.
AdvertSafe algorithms and databases are daily updated to ensure an high quality service to our customers.
Yes! On our platform you will be able to analyze your traffic in different ways. AdvertSafe provide a log list for every user that reaches your website with all their information. Also, you can check your traffic with our statistics tool.
No problem! For technical questions regarding setup and similar check our "Tutorial" section on our Dashboard or contact our support.
For technical questions regarding setup, best settings and more, check our "Tutorial" section on our Dashboard.